Programa Ejecutivo de Liderazgo de Alto Impacto



Integrate UX Research and UX Design to create great products through understanding user needs, rapidly generating prototypes, and evaluating design concepts.This program concludes with a capstone project, in which learners will incorporate UX Research and Design to design a complete product.

Learners will gain hands-on experience with taking a product from initial concept, through user research, ideation and refinement, formal analysis, prototyping, and user testing, applying perspectives and methods to ensure a great user experience at every step.

This UX course provides an introduction to the fields of UX research and design. Learners will gain an understanding of what is involved in UX research, including conducting interviews, evaluating systems, and analyzing systems using principles of good design. Learners will also learn about the work involved in UX Design, including the generation of promising design solutions and the creation of prototypes at multiple levels of fidelity.




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